Christianity Explored


Christianity Explored is a 10 week course from All Souls, Langham Place, London W1N 3DB.
This includes a weekend away.
(The course has been developed from an earlier course called Christianity Explained.)

The course has three foundations:
  1. The Bible.
    The course encourages people to read the Bible for themselves and to find out the truths contained within it.
    The Bible is of course the handbook for the Christian and we want to encourage people to get used to reading it and understanding it.
    The first six weeks focus specifically on Mark's Gospel
  2. Grace.
    Without Grace, then nothing of what we do as Christians is worthwhile.
    The course outlines the problem of sin, and the hope is that people will see the need for Grace, and the amazing fact that God gives His Grace so freely.
    The course also looks at how upon receiving this gift of Grace, the Christian is freed from the power of sin to live their lives in the way God intended.
  3. Relationships.
    The third foundation of the course is relationships.
    Christianity is a religion based on relationships. The Christian relationship with Jesus is the bedrock of the Christian faith.
    The aim here is to encourage people to see that they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and for the leaders to model something of that love of Christ to the participants, showing that the relationship is real.
These three foundations give an outline of the course and it's aims.

The structure of the evening is:
 7:30Light supper
 8:00Homework discussion in groups
 9:00Group discussion on the talk
 9:30Official end to the evening, coffee available if people wish to stay and talk


We are doing it as an eleven week course for 2002.
The dates are:
 11th AprilIntroduction to the course 
 18th AprilJesus: Who is He?Download as PDF
 25th AprilJesus: Why did He come? 
 2nd MayJesus: His crucifixionDownload as PDF
 9th MayJesus: His gift of graceDownload as PDF
 16th MayJesus: His resurrection 
 23rd MayThe Church family
 30th MayThe Holy Spirit 
 6th JunePrayer
 13th JuneThe Bible 
 20th JuneWhat is a Christian? 


In Autumn 2001, our sermon series on Sundays was based on the Christianity Explored course
I gave one of the talks based on Jesus - His Crucifixion which is available as a PDF document.
Two of the talks have been given by myself (Weeks 3 and 6) which are available to download in PDF format (converted from TechWriter) or can be viewed online.
These talks are from the Christianity Explained course we did in April/May 2000
 Week 3 Jesus - His Resurrection (PDF) (Online)
 Week 6 The Church family (PDF) (Online)


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