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Articles on Christianity


I attend Christ Church in Virginia Water in the Diocese of Guildford.
You can read about how I came to know Jesus (My testimony).

The following articles fall roughly into three categories:
Those interested in knowing about Christianity,
Encouraging those who are already Christians,
and Other stuff.
This is most definately a rough split in an attempt to bring some order to the previous chaos I had managed to create.

 Some of the articles in the first category would still be of interest to Christians, and likewise, those of you who are interested in knowing more about the Christian faith before committing yourself, either way, will hopefully find the articles in the second category of interest. 
 While the third category should be of interest to both parties. 
 Jesus came to tell people about the kingdom of God, to repent and believe in Him, so that God may be glorified and that people will enter His kingdom. It is my prayer and hope that these articles will also glorify God and encourage you to enter the kingdom of God. 
 If you have any comments on this website, I would be more than happy to hear them.
If you wish to discuss any of the articles concerning Christianity, then please get in touch.
 I would be greatly encouraged if you would just send me a quick e-mail to say that you've been.
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About Christianity

What is Christianity?
Why do good people go to hell and bad people go to heaven?
Two ways to live - The Christian Message
It's official, going to church is good for you
I'm a good person - Isn't that all I need?
The Cross, just a nice bit of jewellery?
The Christianity Explored course


Already A Christian

Our Father - The Lord's Prayer
Travellers Guide to Heaven
(I don't know who wrote this originally but worth reading)
How can I know the answer to my prayer is from God?
Remarriage in church after divorce when the ex-partner is still alive


Other Stuff

The diary of my trip to Israel 1999.
Various questions and answers about Christianity.


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