A history of the major changes to this site in date order


18th July 2005Added a contact page instead of using "mailto:" links
9th July 2005Moved web site from argonet to orpheus.
23rd May 2005Added preLogo 1.04 [32-bit] version to Software page.
21st May 2005Moved site over to Orpheus Internet.
29th August 2004Reinstated the link to the Ian White concert page.
Ian booked for 20th November 2004.
10th November 2003Removed the link to the Ian White concert page.
21st April 2003Reinstated the link to the Ian White concert page.
Ian booked for 29th October 2003.
16th November 2002Ian White concert was a resounding success - even better than last year as he did some of his new songs - the first public airing.
Removed the link to the Ian White concert page.
1st October 2002Reinstated the link to the Ian White concert page.
Ian booked for 3rd November 2002.
22nd April 2002Added details of Christianity Explored course we are running this year.
18th April 2002Open University links to the courses have changed - page updated.
14th November 2001Christianity Explained is now called Christianity Explored - pages updated.
13th November 2001Ian White concert was a resounding success.
Removed the link to the Ian White concert page.
30th August 2001Reinstated the link to the Ian White concert page.
Ian booked for 4th November 2001.
7th April 2001Added a non-RISC OS 4 version of the screen saver to the Software pages.
1st April 2001Added a RISC OS 4 screen saver to the Software pages.
2nd March 2001Added links for the RISC OS Webring to the Home pages.
Added counters to the Christianity and Software main pages.
28th January 2001Updated my testimony page - How I came to know Jesus.
6th January 2001Updated my OU page with results of my degree awarded.
Removed entry for Christmas 2000.
31st December 2000Split site into frames and non-frames pages. It's a duplication of effort but the site looks better for it.
28th December 2000Made a few alterations to the What is Christianity? article.
24th December 2000Added an article What is Christianity?
Added my talk and some details about the recent Alpha course at my Church.
Added an article looking at Creation. Converted my Christianity Explained talks into HTML.
22nd December 2000Updated my Christmas page with a traditional Palestinian carol.
16th December 2000Updated my OU page with results of my last course received today.
14th December 2000Added a brief article about Christmas. Very Seasonal.
9th December 2000Updated the article on Divorce and Remarriage in church following comments from people kind enough to let me know what they thought about it.
31st October 2000Added links to the bottom of each of the main pages to provide links for non-frame browsers to access my other pages.
29th October 2000Ian White concert was a resounding success, and we've already booked him for 4th November 2001.
Removed the link to the Ian White concert page.
20th September 2000Amended !Help and !Run for !NewSet after feedback.
Also preLogo module is now up to version 1.03 which fixes a minor issue with RISC OS 4 and errors causing the screen to go blank.
16th September 2000New application (NewSet) added to the Acorn Software page.
20th August 2000The pictures on Ian White's concert page was a little on the large size, so have reduced them slightly to fit in the screen.
18th August 2000Minor amendments to the HTML code on a number of pages to specify the width and height of images.
16th August 2000Added a page for Ian White's praise and worship evening at our church in October 2000.
Also changed the history page to show most recent entries first.
Added link to Little Misty Music to the Links page.
3rd July 2000Added this History page.
Added the Links page.
Updated Open University page to provide a link to the O.U.
1st July 2000Added NedStat counter on Home page.
A bit more detail than just the hit counter.
15th June 2000Changed layout of Contents page.
Changed layout of Christianity contents page.
Added "Going to church is good for you" page to Christianity pages.
8th June 2000Added "Why good people go to hell and bad people go to heaven" to Christianity pages.
Added Talk 6 to Christianity Explained page.
28th May 2000Added WimpPoll program to Software page.
Removed details of Daphne program, don't know when I'll get to do it!
27th May 2000Added "Two ways to live" pages to Christianity pages.
(By kind permission of The Good Book Company).
Added "Various questions and answers about Christianity" page to the Christianity pages.
21st May 2000Updated preLogo program on Software page.
Works okay under RISC OS 4.02 patch 5.
May 2000Added Christianity Explained page to Christianity pages.
23rd April 2000Added "Remarriage in church after divorce when the ex-partner is still alive" page to the Christianity pages.
15th March 2000Added "I'm a good person, isn't that all I need?" page to the Christianity pages.
17th December 1999Updated Open University page with results for M358 and MT262.
1st December 1999Added "Our Father - The Lord's Prayer" page to the Christianity pages.
21st November 1999Added "How can I know that the answer to my prayer is from God?" page to the Christianity pages.
13th November 1999Added "Travellers Guide to Heaven" page to the Christianity pages.
(I don't know who wrote this originally but worth reading).
5th November 1999Updated CD Menu program on Software page.
4th November 1999Added "Messages from the dead?" page to the Christianity pages.
1st November 1999Added "The Cross, just a nice bit of jewellery?" page to the Christianity pages.
17th June 1999Added my testimony to the Christianity pages.
26th February 1999Updated CRC-32 program on Software page.
December 1998Updated Open University page with results for M206 and M353.
9th March 1998Updated !PrnCheck program on Software page.
7th March 1998Added hit counter on Home page.
21st February 1998Updated CD SWI details on Software page.
1st February 1998Site created.
Accessible with frames-aware and non-frames-aware browsers.
Requires table-aware browsers.
Contents, Home, Software, Christianity and Open University pages created.


This site was created on an Acorn StrongARM RiscPC using !Edit
(I'm getting old and stuck in my ways!)
This site has been tested using the Browse and Oregano web browsers.
Whilst this site uses a mixture of PNG and GIF images I have tried to design the site so that it looks good with or without them.


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